limited edition fine art prints


It's important to care for your fine art print as you would with any other fine art piece. With proper handling, your prints will last many years.

Even the best quality materials are subject to cracking or fading if exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. KEEP YOUR PRINT OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT


Fine art prints are delicate and we recommend washing your hands before touching your unframed print and if it's possible wear white clean cotton gloves to avoid finger prints. Never rub the surface with your finger or fingernail, this could scratch and damage the surface.


When framing please consult a professional that understands the nature of framing fine art prints. Measure the print before framing as sizes may vary slightly. Use only acid-free materials to best preserve your print.


Clean the surface of your print very gently with a clean, lint-free cloth. Never use water or cleaning products, this may permanently damage the print. Do not blow on your print as you may deposit water droplets that can mark your print. Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the framed print.



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